Forbrain is an innovative invention made possible by the world’s leading experts in the field of conduction of sound waves to the inner ear. Our brain perceives sounds through two different channels – external air and internal bone. It is the bone conduction channel that is used in Fobrain.

Forbrain is a mini-headset equipped with a dynamic filter, which is attached to the “electronic ear” and a microphone, which allows you to develop and train your auditory-speech system. Sound information, due to vibrations passing through the temporal bones, enters directly into the inner ear (about 10 times faster than air conduction). Forbrain – acts directly on the nervous system, balancing it and removing the chaotic perception of sounds in our brain.

Forbrain is multifunctional and is used for:

improvement of information perception processes;

unformed phonemic hearing, difficulties in the synthesis and analysis of speech sounds;

training in pronunciation and expressiveness of speech in a native or foreign language;

correction and compensation of speech disorders (dysarthria, stuttering, dyslexia);

difficulties in learning to write and read aloud, poor understanding of the material read;

improvement of memory, concentration of attention;

improvement of coordination of movements, sense of rhythm.

Forbrain is the perfect tool for working with a speech therapist while doing a variety of exercises. Also, the headset is successfully used in the format of neurocorrective classes. Forbrain does not replace Tomatis therapy.

The duration of one lesson with the active use of the headset is from 5 to 15 minutes in the context of the general lesson of the chosen direction. The general course consists of 10-15 lessons, depending on age restrictions and functionality.