Therapy according to the Tomatis method

Our A.KID centers provide Tomatis therapy at the highest professional level and use the latest features of all 4 levels from Tomatis Development S.A®

For our clients, we provide a variety of psychological and pedagogical support, taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of each.

The key to the success of our center is a comprehensive (team) approach to correction and the interaction of specialists and parents (family members).

We provide a diverse and multi-sensory impact on the development of the child, form and maintain productive communication and speech skills.

Our specialists not only provide high-quality support for Tomatis therapy, but also work in all psychological and correctional areas, including neurocorrection, art therapy, bodynamics, behavioral therapy, play therapy, speech therapy classes, correction of cognitive processes and learning skills, as in an individual , as well as in a group format.

The duration of one standard lesson is 1 hour 20 minutes. The course consists of 14 consecutive lessons. The total recommended amount in the full block of the methodology is 3 courses per year with certain intervals between courses.

In the meantime, the children are hard at work with our specialists – parents have “time for themselves”, which can be spent on long-delayed matters, or … just relax in the spiritual atmosphere of our center!