BAC -Bioacoustic correction 

The Bioacoustic Correction Method (BAC) has a 25-year history. During this time, it has proven its effectiveness in many countries. This is a unique method by which specialists have long been working with hyperactivity, delayed psycho-speech development, ASD, neuroses, phobias, PTSD, the consequences of a stroke, depression, behavioral and emotional disorders, etc.

How does this method work?

In our difficult and unstable time, the need to be resistant to stressful and adverse situations, to be able to replenish the body’s resources. How can this be done safely and effectively without the use of medicines and medicines? You just need to let your brain “hear yourself”, “look in the mirror” and understand what is going wrong. The uniqueness of our central nervous system is that it has an incredible ability to compensate and self-align. This miraculous process is provided by the BAC (Bioacoustic Correction).

The BAC uses special high-tech equipment that converts the electronic impulses of the cerebral cortex into an acoustic signal in real time – you hear your amazing music, you immerse yourself in harmony in the space of your sensations, and at the same time you:

– activate the reserve capabilities of the whole organism;

– compensate for the difficulties that have already appeared;

– accumulate a resource to deal with adverse environmental factors.

BAC makes it possible not only to listen to yourself, but also to normalize the psycho-physical state of the whole organism. This unique method can be used not only for the treatment of brain dysfunctions, but also for completely non-medical purposes – in sports, in art, in education, to increase the efficiency of the brain.

The BAC method is extremely effectively combined with all hardware methods, incl. and with the Tomatis method. The initial consultation is free of charge. The duration of the course is from 10 to 15 lessons. The number of sessions and their duration is determined at the first consultation. The duration of one session is up to 20 minutes.