About Us

Rehabilitation and neurotherapy center

A.KID is like a correctional center, only much better!

Imagine a space of comfort, acceptance and support for families with children with special educational needs. A place where children receive qualified comprehensive assistance, an individual approach using advanced techniques and modern equipment. And their parents can relax in an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, communication and aromatic coffee.

A.KID specialists are magicians who work real miracles and achieve amazing results. We know that all our kids are superheroes and everyone has their own potential. Our task is to find and develop the unique abilities of EVERY child. Go to kindergarten, school and be part of this interesting world…

A.KID began with a dream of two people to create a space for comprehensive care for children with special needs.

So, in October 2013, a small center was opened, in which 3 people worked and one service was provided.

For 7 years, A.KID has become a leader in the field of adaptation, habilitation and development of children with special needs.

Now our team consists of 50 classy specialists.

We are the base of practice for students of leading Kiev universities.

In 2017, a kindergarten for children with special educational needs was opened.

In 2018, another center was opened on the left bank of the Dnieper in Kyiv.

In 2021, another branch was opened in the center of Kyiv.

During the work of the Centers, more than 5,000 children-superheroes became A.KID clients, received high-quality assistance, many children went to kindergartens and schools, and some have already grown up and become adults.