Logopedic diagnostics

Designed for children over 3.5 years old.

The specialist makes a deep analysis of the type of speech disorder, determines in detail the state of speech development, describes in detail the level of speech development of the child.

Suitable for clients who need diagnostics with an extensive description of the level of speech development.

Consists of:

– collection of anamnestic data (briefly);

defining a clear request;

– diagnostic interaction between a specialist and a child with specific speech therapy techniques (examination of the articulatory apparatus, tests and tests related to the level of speech therapy development).

Based on the diagnostic results, the client receives a conclusion with a presumptive logo diagnosis, with a definition of the type of speech disorder, with a detailed description of the state of the articulatory apparatus, as well as recommendations with the direction of the correction process and techniques that should be used to correct this speech disorder.

Duration 60 – 80 minutes depending on the age and functional characteristics of the child.