Cerebellar stimulation

What it is?

The cerebellar stimulation program “Learning Breakthrough” was developed by Dr. Frank Belgau, who has spent over 40 years studying the issues of school performance of children and ways to optimize the brain capabilities of ordinary school students. Since 1960, NASA has supported research into the effects of the vestibular system on visual perception, reading, learning efficiency, and overall academic achievement. The results of the study showed that the involvement of a person in performing tasks that activate different sensory systems causes his brain to form new networks of neural connections to complete the task successfully.

How it works?

The course is aimed at developing the functions of the cerebellum and basal ganglia, which are actively involved not only in the coordination of movements, but also in the development of speech and general learning ability.

How does it help?

The cerebellar stimulation program is designed in such a way that in the process of performing exercises to maintain balance, the brain is constantly forced to integrate motor, sensory, visual, auditory, tactile functions, as well as motor planning and balance functions. Thus, the number of neural connections increases significantly, and the transfer of information from one part of the brain to another improves and accelerates, which ultimately makes it possible to more successfully cope with tasks of an intellectual plan.

What processes are affected by Breakthrough Learning?

Sensory integration (in particular, building a 3-D model of the world);

Orientation in space;

Interhemispheric interaction;

Sense of time and sense of rhythm;

Consistency and smoothness of movements;

Binocular vision;


Reading, writing and math skills;

The pace and fluency of speech.

How does this happen?

Classes are held using the Belgau balancing board according to a specially developed plan. The program consists of two large cycles, each of which is also subdivided into parts. Various balancing simulators are also successfully used, which make classes varied and interesting. The duration of one lesson is up to 45 minutes.