Comprehensive consultation of a leading specialist with the construction of a route for correction and development

Such consultation is necessary to determine the system of accompanying the child, the selection of the correct and necessary methods and areas of work. It is carried out to determine the current level of speech development and mental functions of the child, which are closely interconnected.

Comprehensive consultation consists of:

– collecting anamnestic data (as well as collecting data on early speech and psychological development);

collection and analysis of existing conclusions;

– clarification of the request and complaints of parents;

observation and short interaction with the child.

Based on the results of the consultation, the client receives recommendations from a leading specialist with a description of the psychological and pedagogical characteristics of the child, a description of the current level of speech development, as well as prescribing a corrective route (the number of referrals and specialists that need to be connected for systematic work, coordination with the attending physician, the need for additional research).

The duration of a comprehensive consultation of a leading specialist is up to 90 minutes.