LEITER-3 Nonverbal Intelligence and Cognitive Ability Test

Leiter-3 What is it?

Leiter-3 test of non-verbal intelligence and cognitive abilities. Assesses the mental abilities of children and adults with and without developed speech. To understand and perform tasks, speech skills are not needed.

Leiter-3 test:

Assesses the ability and potential of a person (fluid intelligence), and not his knowledge (crystallized intelligence), which corresponds to the most advanced views on IQ and the principles of its assessment;

Measures both intelligence and attention, memory;

Diagnoses both mental retardation and giftedness;

Special growth indicators allow you to predict developmental progress, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of training and development programs or remedial classes.

For whom?

The test allows you to assess the level of non-verbal intelligence of both neurotypical and children with developmental disabilities: ADHD, mental retardation, mental retardation, autism, Down’s syndrome, organic brain damage, motor disorders.

Remember that the lack of speech is not always a sign of mental retardation. In the case of non-verbal children with autism, this test will help to understand how much the child is learning and to identify his strengths and weaknesses.

How is it and from what age is it available?

Diagnostics is available from 3 to 75 years. All assignments are age appropriate. Thanks to the game format, interest is maintained throughout the test. The test consists of 5 cognitive battery subtests that measure IQ, as well as attention and memory subtests (2 subtests each).

Diagnosis takes from 45 to 90 minutes (adult). For a child with special needs, the format of several meetings is possible in order to reduce the degree of anxiety, as well as the fatigue factor.