Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy or oxygen therapy procedures are performed to treat and prevent diseases associated with a lack of oxygen in cells and tissues. The method is based on the delivery of oxygen to the body in the form of inhalation. The gas supplied through oxygen therapy saturates the cells with the energy needed to oxidize glucose. Oxygen therapy also makes it possible to partially eliminate hypoxia in both affected and healthy tissues, and thereby improve their functioning.

The main effect of oxygen therapy is the elimination of the lack of oxygen.

Oxygen therapy is suitable for all children and adults with reduced immunity or with various developmental disabilities.

It should also be noted a whole range of therapeutic effects:

– Oxygen therapy normalizes blood pressure.

– Increases general and local immunity.

– Metabolic processes return to normal.

– Reduced stress levels.

– Problems with sleep are solved.

– The work of the digestive system is normalized.

– Oxygen therapy promotes rapid healing of wounds.

The procedure is carried out using a mask and a special device. You can go through a separate procedure or course without age restrictions. The duration of the course and one session is determined after consultation, taking into account the request and the individual characteristics of the client.