Defectological program

All mothers know the age norms of a child’s development: when he should sit down, get up, go, learn the multiplication table. But every child develops in his own way, and, of course, every mother feels what is good and what is not.

If something worries you in the development of the baby, or if you notice gaps in the accumulated knowledge, the child is experiencing learning difficulties, shortcomings in the development of speech, communication or emotional-volitional sphere, a teacher-defectologist will help you.

The development of a child can be compared to the construction of a house, where acquired skills and knowledge are built up brick by brick, floor by floor, and connections are formed. And if one brick is missing or wobbly, further connections will also be shaky and unreliable. The defectologist will find this shaky brick and restore the integrity of the entire building.

The teacher-defectologist works not with the diagnosis of the child, but with the personality, relying on the strengths, positive emotions and individual characteristics of the child. The path, from simple to complex, from success to even greater success, from complexes to self-confidence, the defectologist will go along with the student.

The work of a defectologist is based on the psychological and pedagogical characteristics of the child, the methods are selected individually for each, based on the leading activities of the child, his addictions.

A friendly atmosphere, a clear rhythm and structure of classes creates an atmosphere of safety, calms the child and encourages further cooperation. The teacher (ancient Greek) παιδαγωγός, “leading the child”) – leads him into the world of knowledge, where everything becomes easy and understandable, and the child follows him with pleasure.

The duration of one lesson is up to 45 minutes.