NEM Diagnostics – Neuroenergy Mapping

NEM (Neuroenergy Mapping) is a technique for studying the brain, which allows you to evaluate the metabolic activity of the brain, its resource capacity. During the diagnostics, we also look at the reactions of the brain to various stimuli. Which gives us the opportunity to understand how the brain reacts in certain situations, how quickly it depletes under stress, and how it stabilizes. This information is important in order to determine the corrective route as correctly as possible, predict the zone of proximal development, consider the need for additional consultations, drug therapy, etc.

What are the contraindications for diagnosing NEM?

NEM diagnostics has no contraindications and age restrictions. Suitable even for the smallest children. NEM is a quick and simple diagnostic that allows you to examine children with any behavioral difficulties. It is absolutely safe for children, unlike MRI and CT, which often require anesthesia. NEM can be performed frequently to monitor the dynamics of changes in the state of the brain with the use of medications, therapies, etc.

NEM diagnostics at the A.KID Center is available in two packages:

Package “Correction Route” THE ONLY PACKAGE WITH DECRYPTION – this is NEM Diagnostics + Comprehensive specialist consultation. This package contains a complete list of samples, which allows the specialist to make a conclusion about the general condition and make recommendations for a comprehensive corrective route. The decoding is done by a neuropsychologist or a neuro speech therapist after an in-person consultation with a specialist with remote participation of a neurologist, depending on the request and functional characteristics of the child.

Package Included:

– Diagnosis of NEM with samples;

– Deciphering the diagnosis by a neurologist;

– Consultation/diagnosis by a neuropsychologist / neuro speech therapist;

– Comprehensive conclusion, recommendations, correction route;

– Escort.

The package “Hardware techniques” is NEM Diagnostics + Comprehensive consultation before passing the course of hardware techniques. This diagnostic is necessary and indicative only before choosing a hardware method, since the tests carried out in this package are limited by specifics and are informative for determining the most appropriate hardware method and prescribing a program.

Package Included:

– Diagnosis of NEM with samples, including sound (high / medium / low frequencies) through bone and auditory conduction;

– Consultation depending on the proposed correction technique Audio-phonological testing / sensory profile taking into account individual characteristics;

– Monitoring – repeated diagnosis of NEM during the course is at the discretion of the specialist to determine the reactions of the brain to the program in order to monitor the results and clarify the program, if necessary.

Diagnostic data allow you to choose the most correct hardware technique for the child.

The duration of the diagnostics is the removal of indicators for about 40 minutes.