Logopedic program

Speech therapy – translated from Greek – “speech perception” – the science of speech development disorders, their overcoming and prevention through special correctional training and education.

In our time, there is a tendency when watching TV, a computer, and other modern electronic devices replaces live communication. Not to mention other reasons that affect the development of speech: these are pathologies during pregnancy and childbirth, infectious diseases of the 1st year of a child’s life, adverse environmental factors, and the social sphere. Increasingly, there are cases when, according to the indicators of hardware research, all speech zones are preserved, but speech is absent. As a result of this situation, it becomes necessary to find a speech therapist – a professional who is able to understand the causes and eliminate the consequences of speech defects.

Logopedic work is carried out in different directions:

– formation and development of passive and active vocabulary;

development of the rhythmic side of speech, proper breathing, speech tempo;

development of fine motor skills;

formation of phonemic attention and hearing;

setting sounds and activating them in speech;

formation of grammatically correct speech;

development of dialogic and monologue speech;

development of thinking, attention, memory, elementary mathematical concepts;

assistance in social adaptation.

And only a professional approach, a comprehensive solution to the problem will help your child in accordance with his capabilities for the full development of speech.

The duration of one lesson is up to 45 minutes.